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Adjufix original systems offer easy installation of windows and doors with the possibility of continuous adjustment even long after installation. Remember to choose the right screw for the wall material.

Download Our DIY Guide

You can now download our new installation guide which is included in our DIY Smart Packs.

Step 1 Adjufix (Adjufix blue).JPG


Mount the level blocks

Begin the installation by placing the level blocks on each side of the window opening. Check with a spirit level and nail or screw on the blocks.


Install the sleeves

Before the frame is lifted in, the sleeves are mounted in the holes from the outside of the frame using the Adjufix mounting tool.

Step 2 Adjufix.JPG
Step 3 Adjufix.JPG


Adjust the sleeves 

Lift in the frame and place on the blocks. When the window is in place, the mounting tool is used to screw the sleeves to the wall from the inside of the frame. Start with the two upper sleeves and then continue with the lower ones.

Check with a spirit level and easily adjust the sleeves if necessary.


Mount the screws

Then turn the alignment tool over and insert the bit. Install screws in all sleeves and check again with spirit level. Finish by attaching the cover caps over the sleeve holes on the inside of the frame.

Step 4 Adjufix.JPG
Kombi skruv zoomed out and exploded.JPG

Frame Screw

Adjufix frame screw is a combined screw and sleeve, which provides a quick and easy installation. When installing with a 5 mm hex, you can then easily adjust the sleeve afterwards with a 10 mm hex. Adjufix frame screw can be unscrewed up to 35 mm from the wall. For mounting lighter windows.

Leveling Screw

Adjufix level screw enables easy adjustment of the lower part of the frame. The screw allows a distance adjustment between 7 - 35 mm and works as a flexible alternative to classic level distribution washers. For mounting lighter windows.

Niveau skruv.JPG

We also have installation videos on how to install windows & doors.

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